Tetherless Electromagnetic
Recoil Simulation

Combat isn’t contained by screens or bound by wires. Combat simulation shouldn’t be either. HapTech’s patented Electromagnetic Recoil System (ERS) puts the reality back in virtual combat training, offering truly unimpeded immersion with powerful haptic feedback.

AR / VR + Screen Based READY

M4 - ERS

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Ready for development with next-gen

AR / VR small arms trainers as well as immediate integration with traditional Screen Based applications. 

Electromagnetic Recoil Simulation

Our electromagnetic recoil system harnesses the power of three core motor types to provide force feedback, enabling an uncommon degree of customization and control. Compatible across a wide array of weapon types and built for durability, Haptech’s system is geared for your next project.

Tactical training that feels real.

Step away from the screen and straight into the action with realistic weapon recoil. HapTech is tactical combat training unleashed.