Discover Advantage

Outperforming numerous competitor systems while decreasing overhead requires new and innovative ideas. HapTech’s patented recoil system and electronic configuration provide you with the tools to rise above the competition. Shortening time-to-market, reducing manufacturing costs, improving feature sets, and fostering cross-compatibility between products; these are the benefits that afford you market distinction. 

Reduce Components. Increase System Flexibility.


Reimagined Recoil


+ Single Moving Component
+ Small Form Factors
+ Lightweight & Rugged Construction
+ Delivers ~2 Billion Shots
+ Ease of Maintenance
+ Won’t Produce Condensation
+ Integrated Internally to Simulators
+ 30 Times More Energy Efficient
+ Tethered or Wireless Configurations


+ Same or Adjustable Cyclic Rate
+ Instantaneous Force
+ On-the-Fly Programmable
+ Simulates Lighter or Heavier Recoil
+ Emulates Secondary Vibrations


The Scalable Solution.

From small arms to heavy weapons, HapTech’s electronic recoil system implements a core technology that delivers the variable speed and force needed to bring virtual training to life.

Better By Design
Freely Positionable
Programmable Force
Low Energy Cost
Long Service Life
Extreme Dynamics
Monitored Movements