M4 - ERS

Our crossover ERS line supports a variety of rifle types including sniper rifles and shotguns with additional power to emulate some heavy weapons.

LIVE  /  AR/VR + Screen Based READY
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M4 - Featured System Benefits


• Fully electronic recoil solution replaces compressors, hoses, pneumatic distribution boxes, electronic valves, gaskets, seals, etc.


• Single, high-tolerance, moving component for low maintenance


• Rugged construction delivers ~2 billion shots before projected mechanical failure of recoil system


• Energy efficient (electrical energy direct to kinetic energy) ~30 times more energy efficient than pneumatic systems


• Untethered & battery operated Battery operation offers from ~(300 - 2000) shots per magazine


• Weapon Sensors

Includes sensors that sense the state of the operating mechanics Trigger pull, selector switch, magazine release, charging handle.


Integrated Laser

The M4 ERS includes an optional laser emitter for seamless integration with traditional laser based marksmanship trainers.


• Software SDKs and Plug-ins

SDK for modifying recoil profiles, weapon malfunctions / Unity3D and Unreal plug-in’s for integrating weapons and simulation content.

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• Same cyclic rate of weapon system emulated


• Instantaneous Force

System engaged as soon as trigger is pulled, no lag time waiting for pressurized gas to build up


• On-the-fly Programmable

Simulates lighter or heavier recoil based on types of virtual ammunition used / Emulates secondary movements/vibrations (i.e. shaking due to bolt closure)


• Operating Mechanics

Provides the same operating mechanics to an actual M4: Trigger pull, selector switch, magazine release, charging handle.


• Wireless Connectivity

802.15.4 Wireless connectivity, capable of initiating / recording the state of the operating mechanics of the system


• Body

Exact look and feel - M4

Weight – ~7.5 lbs

Length – 29.75 in to 33 in

Barrel Length – 14.5 in


• Motion Tracking Fully Motion Tracking Compatible

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Ready for development with next-gen AR / VR small arms trainers as well as immediate integration with traditional
LIVEScreen Based applications.

M4 - ERS


+ M4 Weapon Simulator

+ Battery Magazine

+ Magazine Battery Charger

+ Wireless Base Station

+ Unity & Unreal SDK Tool Kit

LIVE / AR/VR + Screen Based READY
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